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Meet the Team behind Voodoo Haggis Stories

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Monthly live stream, exploring food experiences, stories, and memories from the Black diaspora.

Watch the latest episode.
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Kid-friendly recipes from chefs and industry folks, featuring two Haitian dishes from Marie Fitrion
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Re-live the magic of our first Voodoo Haggis dinner back in 2013 with a Haitian & Scottish fusion menu by Chef Daniel Holloway.
To be released fall/winter 2023
Pre-order now


What is Voodoo haggis?

Part food pop-up, Part food stories

An amalgamation of both her Haitian & Scottish roots, Voodoo Haggis is a moniker for Toronto-based freelance writer and entrepreneur Marie Fitrion.


Meant to invoke thoughts around the most well-known and misunderstood parts of her heritage, Fitrion's writing is an exploration of the histories, memories, traditions, myths, urban legends, fables, idioms, media clippings and literary tales aimed at highlighting the link between food, culture, community and communication.

 By exploring food as a medium for communication and connection, the project aims to unlock the forgotten meaning behind our food lore. Every story can shape our popular culture and redefine our connections. Along with partner and chef Daniel Holloway, the two hope to break down social stigmas through food and narrative by uniting individuals through the art of mindful fusion. 


Food sustains the body... stories feed the soul.


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